Design and Engineering

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With our engineering team, we are able to handle both simple and complex projects. From reverse engineering to designing and manufacturing custom hydraulics solutions, our team is here to support.

Lowering the cost of equipment ownership

Bridge has rebuilt thousands of large cylinders since 1980 across Western Canada’s heavy industries – from mining equipment, trash compactors, ferries & more.

Due to our extensive experience, expert staff, and facility capabilities – our customers count on us for reliable solutions & outstanding results.

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Design & Engineering Improvements

Komatsu PC 8000 Clam Cylinder

  • Barrel and rod materials are specified to prevent common OEM weaknesses and improve component reliability.
  • Bridge Machine ensures the highest tolerance assembly requirements to maximize cylinder performance.
  • All cylinders are assembled and tested in Canada.
  • 100% OEM Interchangeable.
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Design & Engineering Improvements

CAT 7495 Crowd Take-up

  • All gearing manufactured using the highest quality North American forgings.
  • Forged sheave with induction hardened groove to 58-60 HRc.
  • Weldment cracking rate reduced by increasing guide thickness.
  • 100% OEM Interchangeable.
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Design & Engineering Improvements

Hitachi EX8000 Boom Cylinder

  • Improved materials and parts to prevent common OEM failures and improve life.
  • 100% OEM Interchangeable.
Komatsu® PC8000

Hydraulic Shovels

We offer component rebuild/repair as well as new cylinders for Komatsu Hydraulic Shovels.

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Hitachi® EX8000

Hydraulic Shovels

We offer new cylinders and component rebuild/repair services for Hitachi® hydraulic shovels.

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CAT® 7495

Rope Shovel

We offer a range of repair and rebuild services for the CAT® 7495.

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Haul Trucks

We offer a variety of hydraulic components and repair services for Komatsu and CAT haul trucks.

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CAT® Machines

Auxiliary Cylinders & Hydraulics

We offer a variety of hydraulic components and repair services for auxiliary CAT equipment including the D11T & 24M.

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We’re always looking for exceptional candidates with a drive for excellence and innovation.
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With our custom high tonnage presses for straining and disassembly and extensive experience rebuilding Western Canada’s largest cylinders, our rebuild process ensures you get the most out of your cylinders. 
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