CAT® Auxiliary Cylinders

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With our extensive experience resolving failure patterns on auxiliary cylinders, including the CAT D11T and 24M – Bridge Machine offers rebuild and repair services to improve overall performance.

OEM Compatible Hydraulic Components

ManufacturerModelComponentAssembly Part No.OEM Part No.
CaterpillarD10TBlade Hoist Cylinder9T2869EH7337
CaterpillarD10TBlade Tilt Cylinder LH2320652EJ1007
CaterpillarD10TBlade Tilt Cylinder RH2320653EF8397
CaterpillarD10TRipper Lift Cylinder RH1926445EH5940
CaterpillarD10TRipper Lift Cylinder LH1926446EJ6895
CaterpillarD10TRipper Tilt Cylinder4T9977EM8840
CaterpillarD11TBlade Hoist Cylinder2520471/G2520471
CaterpillarD11TBlade Tilt Cylinder LH3672259/G3672259
CaterpillarD11TBlade Tilt Cylinder RH3672258/G3672258
CaterpillarD11TRipper Lift Cylinder LH1616616/G1616616
CaterpillarD11TRipper Lift Cylinder RH1616615/G1616615
CaterpillarD11TRipper Tilt Cylinder LH1306381/G1306381
CaterpillarD11TRipper Tilt Cylinder RH1303263/G1303263
Caterpillar24MSteering Cylinder270-8686G270-8686
Caterpillar24MHinge Cylinder273-1733G273-1733
Caterpillar24MBlade Tilt Cylinder117-0836G117-0836
Caterpillar24MSideway Cylinder141-2914G141-2914
Caterpillar24MBlade Lift Cylinder276-7646G276-7646

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We offer both component repair & rebuild and new cylinders for CAT and Komatsu auxiliary equipment.


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