Waste Management

Truck Dumps Waste To The Incinerator, Hole Where The Big Grab Ta

Let’s all do our part in keeping the environment safe – count on us to safely dispose of your waste.


Bridge Machine has been supporting Vancouver’s waste management industry for over 40 years. While we can assist with general hydraulic repair services, we have developed unique experience with the following:

  • Compactor cylinder repair
  • Waste processing equipment repair

Due to our unique equipment mix, Bridge has set itself apart as one of the most reliable large cylinder rebuilders for large hydraulic machines, including, CAT, Hitachi and Komatsu.

Founded in 1980, Bridge Machine Shop, has grown to become one of the top repair and manufacturing centers in Greater Vancouver.

The nature of industrial operations can lead to many challenges and downtime when it comes to waste handling. You can trust Bridge Machine to quickly and safely dispose of your operation’s waste.

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We’re always looking for exceptional candidates with a drive for excellence and innovation.
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With our custom high tonnage presses for straining and disassembly and extensive experience rebuilding Western Canada’s largest cylinders, our rebuild process ensures you get the most out of your cylinders. 
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